Power Brain Yo-Yo Rookie

Power Brain Yo-Yo Rookie
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Brand: Yomega
Product Code: BBTYOM-02
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Power Brain Yo-Yo Rookie

The Power Brain XP is like having two yo yos in one! The secret to this innovative yo yo is the patented Yomega Smart Switch, which allows you to turn the auto-return on or off.

When the switch clutch is on, Power Brain will automatically come back up. When the switch is off, Power Brain will stay down, allowing you ample time to practice all your favorite tricks.

Featuring a Starburst return system, Power Brain weighs 69 grams and measures 35.9 mm wide and 60.3 mm in diameter. This yo yo has a 2.5 mm gap width.

This item is recommended for ages 8 and up. Colors will vary.

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