Mr. Moustachio

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Mr. Moustachio's 10 Manliest Mustaches of All Time
--10 high-quality stick-on mustaches for kids and adults --2-5 inches in length, fully-sized for adult faces --Each assortment contains one of the following styles: Wild Bill, Crumb Catcher, Fu-Man-Chu, Handle Bars, Rich Uncle Nicklebags, The D..
Mr. Moustachio's Stach'oos, 10 Temporary Tattoo Mustaches
A lifelong mustache connoisseur, Mr. Moustachio set a high standard for face furniture. Always dapperly dressed in a suit and top hat, Mr. Moustachio was the President and CEO of ULP (Upper Lip Plumage). Like Mr. Moustachio, adults and kids alike ..
Mrs. Moustachio's Top Ten Girliest Mustaches of All Time
Not to be outdone by her mustache-clad husband, the dainty yet downy Mrs. Mustachio embarked upon her own grand journey to round up her personal top ten mustaches. Only this time, there was a twist! Assembled here are ten of the most ladylike ..
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