Wild Planet

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3-D Mirascope
This 3-D Mirascope is an instant illusion maker that creates a holographic image. The images look completely real- but you can't touch them! The 3-D Mirascope consists of two parabolic mirrors that are facing each other. The top mirror has..
Melting Snowman
If you are looking for a fun holiday activity, this Melting Snowman is the perfect solution. Just use the white putty to build a snowman, accessorize it with the included plastic accessories, and watch it melt before your very eyes! Best of all, t..
Tin Can Robot Kit
Want to make your own walking, wobbling robot? Now you can with this Tin-Can Robot Kit! This kit makes an excellent idea for a school project or science fair. This item is considered “Green Science” because it involves recycling a tin can..
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