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3 Piece Yomega Urban Graffiti Yo-Yo Gift Set
Are you up to the challenge? Pull off epic tricks and impress your friends with this radical graffiti-inspired player three-pack! Shoot the moon with the out-of-this-world Nebula, heat things up with the red-hot Fireball, or strap on the Crossfire..
$113.90AUD $79.90AUD
Brain Yo-Yo Rookie
Beginning yo yo enthusiasts will love "The Brain." Once the Brain is thrown down, it automatically remembers to come back up! The Brain remembers to return because of a specially-designed centrifugal clutch system. This high-performa..
$40.90AUD $38.90AUD
Power Brain Yo-Yo Rookie
The Power Brain XP is like having two yo yos in one! The secret to this innovative yo yo is the patented Yomega Smart Switch, which allows you to turn the auto-return on or off. When the switch clutch is on, Power Brain will automatically come..
$52.90AUD $49.90AUD
Yomega String
This is an extra string pack that can be added to any yo-yo purchase. It is from Yomega and is of their highest quality as always. ..
Yomega Yo-Yo Maintenance Kit
Yomega Official Yo-yo Maintenance Kit includes five replacement strings and one tube of Brain Lube. This kit is highly recommended to maintain yo-yo response and performance. ..
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