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Glow in the Dark Super 3-D Stars
Each night you can see anywhere from five to 2,500 stars in the sky. Now you can bring a little piece of the great outdoors inside your bedroom with this set of Glow in the Dark Super 3D Stars. Each kit comes with 20 glow-in-the-dark stars, 10..
Kids On Stage The Charades Game for Kids
Bravo! Encore! Everyone's applauding Kids on Stage, the fun, creative way to encourage confidence and develop communication skills in young children.Everyone gets in on the act on every turn. Each player takes a turn acting out animals, objects or ac..
Star Explosion - Glow In The Dark 725 Stars and Astros
This deluxe kit is a real blast! 725 shapes will cover your ceiling with the starry sparkle of space. A star chart is included, so you can create classic constellations or make your own astronomical arrangements. You can even design new galaxies! A s..
The Pigeon Wants A Match Game
Can you help the pigeon find all the matching tiles? Adorably packaged in a cloth pigeon, this matching game features pictures of the pigeon, his pals and buses! But watch out! The game contains two tiles that will either make you lose a turn ..
Wonder Stars Super Kit - Glow In The Dark 150 Stars
KA-BOOOOM! The Universe began about 15 billion years ago with a tremendous explosion called the "Big Bang." We've captured a miniature Big Bang explosion in this package of stars. When you open it you can transform your ceiling or wall into a univers..
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