Sock Monkey Family

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Annie from The Sock Monkey Family
Annie is a vibrant and outspoken monkey. She's easy to spot in a crowd because of her pastel-striped fur and multi-colored bow. Annie gets in trouble for passing notes in class and she prefers recess to any other time of the school day...
Buttercup from The Sock Monkey Family
Buttercup is a sweet, pink monkey wearing a light blue polka-dot dress and matching bow. She's painfully shy, but very smart. Buttercup is often teased by her classmates for being the "teacher's pet." Her hobbies include reading, studying and playing..
Mittens from The Sock Monkey Family
Mittens is an artistic monkey who enjoys making sculptures from mashed bananas. That can be messy work, so she is constantly wearing pink gloves and a matching toboggan over her brown fur. Art class is her favorite time of the day, and she often gets..
PJ from The Sock Monkey Family
PJ is a bright purple monkey with a yellow and green ball cap. Slightly on the plump side, PJ's favorite time of the day is lunch. His favorite foods are bananas, coconuts and pudding...
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